Thursday, July 3, 2014

A random story

So one day a lemon was walking on a tree branch when a grape yelled 'HEY DUDE!!!!' The lemon (we'll just call him Len) was like 'OMG!!! A random grape just called me dude! How rude!' And the grape (we'll just call him Gra) said 'why is it rude dude? I'm just callin' you dude!' And Len just huffed and puffed, extremely annoyed with Gra. So then Gra walked up the side of the tree and told Len he was sorry and Len replied 'It's alright dude!' And then Gra freaked out because Len called him dude and he was like 'How rude!' And Len said 'Hey, I'm just callin' you dude! It's not rude!

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